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                           ASHTANGA INTENSIVE
                                                                (November 2015- April 2016)


        Six month Ashtanga Intensive in Ljubljana with Luigi Moreno and  Anja Nikolov

Yoga can be truly transformative on every level of ones life but a lifetime of dedicated study probably won’t be enough to fully understand this ancient art.
The first and most important step to create a solid foundation in your Yoga path is to establish a personal daily practice.
As Sri K. Pattabhi Jois used to say “Yoga is 99% practice 1% theory”.
Our main objective with this Ashtanga Intensive course is to help you find out a way to integrate a daily Yoga practice in your life, in the spirit of the teaching of our lineage in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga tradition.

We will guide you through the understanding of its core philosophy and the basic anatomy relate to the practice.

You will learn the traditional counted Vinyasa system.

We will explore in details every asanas of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga with a particular focus on hands-on adjustment of the key postures in order to truly understand their mechanics and physical and psychological limitations.

You will learn the basic principles of pranayama.

We will review together some of the most important books on Ashtanga Yoga and on Yoga in general: Yoga Mala by S.K.P.J., Ashtanga Yoga by Lino Miele, Ashtanga Yoga by Gregor Maehle, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, etc.

We will learn the secrets of bandhas for a proper alignment of the physical and subtle body.

We will explore the depth of the breath as a powerful mean for a meditation in movement.

And much more…

The course will have a duration of six month and it will be structured around two week-end workshops per month (Saturday and Sunday) plus a regular Mysore practice,  which can be done on our regular classes during the week or at home.

Upon completion you will be established in a personal daily Yoga practice and you will experience the deep transformation that a daily Ashtanga practice brings to each and every one who try it.

We believe the only way to become a good Yoga teacher is the commitment of several years as a student under the guidance of a competent teacher from an established lineage.
For this reason, this intensive course has to be intended as an education and not as a “certification”.
However if you are already a dedicated student, the course, which is comprehensive of 250+ hours, could for sure give you a solid foundation to start on the beautiful path of teaching in the Ashtanga tradition.

The following are the dates of the weekend workshops (they could be subject to modifications to meet the needs of the group).

14 - 15 November
28 - 29 November

5 - 6 December
12 - 13 December

16 - 17 January
30 - 31 January

13 - 14 February
27 - 28 February

12 - 13 March
26 - 27 March

9 - 10 April
16 - 17 April

Indicatively a day of workshop will be structured in the following way:

8:00- pranayama/meditation
9:00- mysore
11:00- brake
12:00- topic of the day and asanas study
We finish around 14:00

The course is open to students of every level, even complete beginners.

The maximum number of participants allowed is only 12.

Tuition Cost:

1100 € early bird till 30th of September!!!

1200 € single payment;

1350 € payable with three instalments of 450 € each*

The price includes an unlimited Mysore pass for two seasons (from 1st of October to 1st of June) 

(If we will not reach a minimum number of 8 participants the course will be cancelled).

The course will be held in English.

For more information contact us on Táto e-mailová adresa je chránená pred spamovacími robotmi. Na jej zobrazenie potrebuješ mať nainštalovaný JavaScript.  or on 051 252 252.